Oil Change

Your INFINITI is designed to perform at the highest levels; to push your limits and create a more empowering driving experience. That’s why we only use high-performance synthetic oil and high-performance, INFINITI brand oil filters, as these components can help maximize your vehicle’s performance. In addition, every oil change is performed by a highly trained technician who will also conduct a complimentary multi-point inspection. One of the easiest ways to help extend the life of your INFINITI is to protect its engine with regularly scheduled oil and filter changes. Engine oil reduces wear and tear by providing a lubricating barrier between each of the moving engine parts. Meanwhile, a high-performance oil filter can help extend the life of your oil and your vehicle by capturing contaminants and reducing engine-damaging oil sludge build-up.



The brakes in your INFINITI help play a vital role in the safety of your family and the performance of your vehicle. That’s why we recommend having them inspected by one of our highly trained technicians, who are experts on your vehicle. Especially when you consider the Genuine INFINITI brake pads and Rotors in your vehicle represent some of the highest possible standards in brake technology. SIGNS YOU MAY NEED TO REPLACE YOUR BRAKE PADS

  • Your Brake Warning Light is On
  • You Hear Squealing or Grinding When you Apply the Brakes
  • Your Vehicle Pulls to One Side or Another When Braking
  • It Takes a Longer Time to Stop Than Normal

As part of our complimentary multi-point inspection, a trusted factory-trained technician will check your brakes. The brake inspection will only take a few minutes and you’ll be ready for any stops down the road.



When you consider the advanced technologies in your INFINITI, it’s always a good idea to make sure your vehicle’s battery is properly charged. You can trust our highly trained technicians to perform a free diagnostic test to see if your battery is safe for the road, needs to be recharged, or needs to be replaced. Over time, factors like extreme temperature, vibration or poor maintenance can degrade your battery and its performance. Rest assured we only install Genuine INFINITI replacement batteries that are specifically customized for your vehicle’s model, so you can feel confident in the reliability and quality of your new battery.As part of our complimentary multi-point inspection, a trusted factory-trained technician will check your battery. In less than one minute, our car battery test can provide you with a report regarding the condition of your existing battery.



Tires are an important part of the overall safety of your vehicle and it is important to make sure yours are in good shape. Check your tires often for signs of visible wear or uneven tread wear. Also, be on the lookout for an uncomfortable ride, difficulty stopping – especially in wet weather, and low tire pressure, as these are additional indicators of a tire issue. Your driving patterns will determine the life of your tires and indicate which type of tires will work best for you. Our Service Department Team can assist you with any tire issues you are having and even help you choose the best new tires for your vehicle.Do I Need to Have My Vehicle Aligned When I Buy New Tires? Tires are a good investment, so it is always smart to have your vehicle’s alignment checked to ensure they will last. A bad alignment can cause your vehicle to pull to one side, causing unnecessary wear and tear to your new tires. A good indication that your alignment needs attention is the sign of an uneven wear pattern on your tires. Our trained service team will help align your tires in no time!What Kind of Tires are Best for My INFINITI? There are many different types of tires available for your vehicle. To best determine a good fit for your vehicle, consider the vehicle type, your normal driving conditions, and even your driving habits. All of this should be taken into consideration when buying new tires for your INFINITI. Your Service Adviser can help you with your tire purchase and recommend the best tires for your vehicle.

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